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11 Price Realized: 165.00 USD
In this group is an invitation to Ike IV for the Inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson. Ike was an elector for this election. Also included is a telegraph to Ike Jr in regards to his being an elector and related documents.
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12 Price Realized: 247.50 USD
This is an Inaugural Invitation packet with Platform ticket.
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13 Price Realized: 33.00 USD
This is an Inaugural Invitation packet with a North Central Portico ticket.
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14 Price Realized: 49.50 USD
This group includes tickets to the Senate Steps and Section D and their prospective packets.
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15 Price Realized: 66.00 USD
This is a group of 4 Inaugural invitation packets with no tickets.
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17 Price Realized: 275.00 USD
Typewritten letter on White House stationery to Ike, dated April 25, 1980, speaking about reinstating Selective Service registration and resisting Soviet aggression in southwest Asia and elsewhere. Signed Jimmy Carter. There is a printed note to Mrs Ike Skelton on White House stationary, signed by Rosalynn Carter, with envelope. Also included is an invitation to the 1980 Carter/Kennedy Unity Dinner with reservation card and return envelope, and original mailing envelope.
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19 Price Realized: 66.00 USD
In this group are letters, notes and related from the Carter administration. Probably the most interesting items is the actual notes written on White House stationery taken during meetings with the President. We do not know who took these notes but they refer to a gas tax increase of 10 cents a gallon, balanced budget, using veto and more.
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20 Price Realized: 16.50 USD
From 1980, a typewritten letter signed by Brigadier General William E. Thurman on Department of Defense stationery. Four letters from 1980, typewritten and signed by General David Jones, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The letter from May 7, 1980 refers to recent correspondence between Ike and Jimmy Carter. We assume this is in regards to the discussion about reinstating Selective Service. (See Lot 17) All four letters are signed "Dave".
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23 Price Realized: 22.00 USD
The first letter is dated July 17, 1981 and is thanking Ike for voting in support of the defense acquisition process. The second letter is dated August 4, 1981 in regards to Ike voting against the President's Tax Bill. Caspar thanks Ike for having a conversation about the bill prior to the vote.
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24 Price Realized: 1,100.00 USD
A letter from Margaret Thatcher to Ike thanking him for his letter. Dated 27 February 1985. Type written with the following hand written note "Dear ??. Skelton, We have so much to thank America for. Yours sincerely Margaret Thatcher. Framed with a photograph of Margaret addressing Congress with George HW Bush and Tip O'Neal behind her. Also included is a program from a Margaret Thatcher White House visit from Thursday, February 26, 1981.
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25 Price Realized: 55.00 USD
Photograph of Dan Quayle and Ike Skelton, inscribed:"Ike--Thanks for your friendship--Dan Quayle". Back is stamped "Official White House Photograph" "10 Apr 89". 8"x10". Signature is slightly smudged. Has a few small light spots, as if the original negative had a scratch. It's in the image itself, not on the paper.
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27 Price Realized: 55.00 USD
Rootbeer brown Murano glass with controlled bubble decoration. Paper label affixed to bottom. No chips, cracks, scratches, or other issues. Measures 2 7/8" tall and 4 3/4" across.
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28 Price Realized: 137.50 USD
Invitation from Bill Clinton's 1993 Inauguration. Includes the schedule of events and a note about the commemorative invitation (which states this is the first ever inaugural invitation package printed on recycled paper).
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29 Price Realized: 38.50 USD
Undated 8"x10" photo of the House of Representatives with Bill Clinton speaking. Includes original shipping envelope. The two visitor passes for the House of Representatives are from 1997: one is for the first session of the 105th Congress, the other is for Bill Clinton's State of the Union address to Congress.
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30 Price Realized: 220.00 USD
Two typewritten letters on White House stationery from 1999. One is about the Shays-Meehan campaign finance reform bill. The other letter is wishing Ike a happy birthday. Both letters are signed "Bill".
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31 Price Realized: 302.50 USD
This ceremonial copy of Bill Clinton's State of the Union Address to the second session of the 106th Congress is to Ike and inscribed "Thanks Bill Clinton". Included is the original shipping envelope and a typewritten note from Charles Brain, Assistant to the President.
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32 Price Realized: 220.00 USD
Three typewritten letters on White House stationery, May and June 2000. All three letters are signed. One letter is about the China trade bill (this letter has some coffee or tea stains on it), one is about Vieques, Puerto Rico, and the last is about sanctions on Iraq and keeping Saddam Hussein contained until he can be removed from power. Interesting stuff.
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33 Price Realized: 302.50 USD
Three typewritten letters on White House stationery, June through October 2000. All three letters are signed. One letter is about strengthening relations with Turkey. The second letter is about tax cuts in regards to Social Security and Medicare. The third letter is thanking Ike for visiting the White House and his gift of a medallion for Clinton's collection.
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34 Price Realized: 220.00 USD
The first letter is on Bill Clinton's personal stationery and is congratulating Ike on being re-elected. Dated November 8, 2000. Signed "Bill Clinton". The second letter, on White House stationery, is wishing Ike a happy birthday and is inscribed "Thanks for all the years of friendship" and signed "Bill".
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35 Price Realized: 330.00 USD
This note on Bill Clinton's personal stationery is dated October 21, 2004. Handwritten in blue ink, the note thanks Ike for a recent get-well letter regarding Clinton's quadruple bypass surgery the month before. He mentions being on the mend and feeling better when he turns on the tv and sees Ike on the Conference Committee regarding 9/11 legislation. Includes original mailing envelope.
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37 Price Realized: 27.50 USD
The first letter typewritten and on Al and Tipper Gore stationery, is dated December 16, 2000 and is thanking Ike and his wife Susie for their support during the 2000 presidential election. Signed by Al and Tipper Gore. The salutation reads:"Dear Ike and Susan", but "Susie" has been written in ink above "Susan". Includes original envelope. The next is a typewritten letter on Vice Presidential stationery, wishing Ike a happy birthday. It's signed "Al" and includes original envelope. There is also a typewritten letter on Gore 2000 campaign stationery, thanking Ike for his hard work and dedication, signed by Al and Tipper Gore. Also includes original envelope. There are two printed holiday cards from 1999, with the Gore family pictured on the front of both. These also include the original envelopes.
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39 Price Realized: 22.00 USD
This group includes letters and notes from President Clinton's staff and cabinet members. John Podesta, Samuel R. Berger, a signed, typewritten not by Harriet Babbitt and a handwritten letter from Harriet Babbitt, hand written note from Elain K. Shocas, Andrew Cuomo signed letter regarding VA/HUD, Barry McCaffrey, William M. Daley, 3 signed notes from Rudy DeLeon during office and one hand written card from Rudy DeLeon from after office.
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40 Price Realized: 22.00 USD
This group contains 5 handwritten notes from John Hamre, 2 signed type written letters from Hamre (interestingly it is the same letter announcing his resignation. Both are signed.) a Marty Alford handwritten note, 2 signed letters from Charlene Barshefsky, Terrence M. O'Connell and a signed letter from Louis Caldera in regards to the Distinguished Service Cross being awarded to Asain-Americans and Native American Pacific Islanders from their service in WWII. On the lsit being considered is Senator Inouye.
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41 Price Realized: 5.50 USD
Large group of items from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Henry J. Shelton. There are 14 signed letters plus 2 Christmas cards. One of the Christmas cards has a hand written note inside. The second card was left completyl blank.
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42 Price Realized: 11.00 USD
This group contains 5 signed notes from The Secretary of Defense while Bill was in office and one signed letter from The Cohen Group in 2010 offering his thoughts about Ike loosing his District race.
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43 Price Realized: 665.50 USD
This handwritten note from President George W. Bush addresses a letter exchange between Rumsfeld and Skelton about training methodology. Dated Dec 14, 2005.
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44 Price Realized: 247.50 USD
Letter from George W. Bush thanking Ike for his support of the Trade Promotion Authority act of 2001. Dated December 18, 2001 in it's original envelope.
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45 Price Realized: 341.00 USD
These letters from President Bush are thank you letters to Ike. The first is dated December 20, 2006 and the second is dated December 20, 2008. Both are in their original envelopes.
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46 Price Realized: 247.50 USD
This is a menu from the Ben Franklin 300th Birthday Dinner. It was Ike's menu that he had signed by some at the dinner. Including George W. Bush, Ike Skelton, Karen Gerlach, Shaun King and others.
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47 Price Realized: 16.50 USD
This lot contains an invitation and program from the pothumous presentation of the Medal of Honor to Master Sergeant Woodrow W. Keeble on March 3, 2008
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48 Price Realized: 60.50 USD
A signed letter from Laura Bush dated January 3, 2008. Also included is a White House Christmas Card from 2006.
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49 Price Realized: 27.50 USD
Both letters are to let Ike know the Colin was unable to speak at 2 different events. The first is dated April 10, 2000 and is on an "America's Promise" notecard. The second is dated March 13, 2008 and is on General Powell's personal stationary with original envelope.
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50 Price Realized: 137.50 USD
There are 9 pieces in this group. Most are just thank you notes for support. There is one note to Ike about Ike's accident in Iraq. Another note is about Corporal Patrick Tillman's death. Interesting group.
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51 Price Realized: 5.50 USD
This group of Shelton letters dates from 22 January, 2001 until 30 September 2001. The last two letters are nearly identical and reference his tenure as Chairman drawing to a close.
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52 Price Realized: 66.00 USD
This group contains 4 signed letters from Robert M. Gates the Secretary of Defense. There is also a signed note from Gordon England with and invitation to a dinner for Secretary Gates. Also included is a copy of a commencement speech that Secretary Gates presented at the US Air Force Academy and at the US Naval Academy.
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53 Price Realized: 5.50 USD
This group includes a birthday letter from 20 December 2001 and a hand written note from Dick on 24 March 2006. The note references the Harry S. Truman "Good Neighbor Award" and the creation of the Colin Powell Chair at the National Defense University.
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54 Price Realized: 44.00 USD
In this group are 2 letters from Paul Wolfowitz, Robert B. Zoellick, Donald L. Evans, 2 letters from Carlos M. Gutierrez and a letter from Cesar B. Cabrera from December 27, 2011.
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55 Price Realized: 27.50 USD
This group contains several hand written notes from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace. Generally thanking Ike for his mentorship and time to meet.
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56 Price Realized: 16.50 USD
A signed letter from M.G. Mullen Dated Nov 21 2008.
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57 Price Realized: 16.50 USD
This group includes Giambastiani, Tina W. Jonas, Susan C. Schwab, Daniel Goldin (NASA copy of signature), Maj Heather Blackwell, Dan Keniry, Tom D'Agonstino, Maria Cino, Powell A. Moore, J.M. "Mike" McConnell (2), Charles M. Brain, unknown, David M. Walker, John P. Abizaid.
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58 Price Realized: 638.61 USD
This President Obama letter is thanking Ike for his support of H. Con. Res. 85 the Budget Resolution. Dated April 16, 2009.
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60 Price Realized: 38.50 USD
This letter from Vice President Joe Biden is thanking Ike for his hospitality during Joe's trip to Missouri and to the Whiteman Air Force Base. Dated June 8, 2009.
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61 Price Realized: 55.00 USD
This group contains a letter from Joe expressing regret for not catching up (November 3, 2009), a birthday letter (December 20, 2009) and a thank you letter dated June 22, 2010.
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62 Price Realized: 42.16 USD
The first letter is dated March 17, 2010 and that’s Ike for his kind words in regards to Joe's mom. The second letter is dated June 25, 2010 and is in regards to Joe's son Beau and the stroke that he suffered.
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63 Price Realized: 165.00 USD
This hand written note is dated 9.20.11. This is in regards to Ike not being "Here in the Home" anymore.
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64 Price Realized: 192.50 USD
This letter from Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is dated March 21, 2008 thanks Ike for attending a reception in Hillary's home. This was during the primaries.
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65 Price Realized: 385.00 USD
This letter from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, dated October 5, 2009 thanks Ike for his assistance in the passage of the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act.
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66 Price Realized: 49.50 USD
This group of four letters is from Leon Panetta. Two were sent from the Panetta Institute and are signed by Sylvia Panetta as well (November 14, 2006 and January 26, 2007). The third letter is from Leon only on Panetta Institute letterhead and the fourth is on Director of Central Intelligence Agency letterhead dated 9 November 2010. There is also a hand written note from Leon dated April 16, 2013.
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67 Price Realized: 16.50 USD
This Kathleen Sebelius letter to Ike is dated March 13, 2009 and is on Kansas Governor letterhead. This letter was written while she was going through the confirmation process to become the Secretary of Health and Human Services.
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68 Price Realized: 192.50 USD
This group of letters includes a handwritten letter from Secretary of Defense Robert Gaates 11-5-10 thanking Ike for decades of service. A thank you from Martin E. Dempsey (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) from 9 December 2011 and a birthday letter from M. G. Mullen from 20 December 2009.
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